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I haven't "seen" my Boss in Four Months

March 22, 2017

I haven't

Have you seen him? His name is Matt, he's tall with dark hair, and loves big IPAs.

Just kidding. He was here in the office the other week. That’s not normal though — that visit was the first time he’s been in the office in 4 months. Normal is seeing him on the other side of a computer screen in his home office in Texas. That’s because, at Samepage, we’re a remote team. If I’m honest, as I wrote this I wasn’t sure if we were a remote team or a distributed team, but this test from helped me figure it out:

1. We’re not co-located and 2. the majority of our team could be in one of our 2 offices on a given day, or not. I’ll explain.

As long as I’ve been with Samepage, I’ve split time between my home office, and the company office in Silicon Valley. Aside from visits every few months, Matt has been working from his home in Texas hill country. Our engineering offices are in Pilsen, Czech Republic, and while we have 2 official offices, our team members aren’t tied to any particular office hours — anyone can work from home for a percentage of their hours, and some people work almost exclusively from home. On any given day, depending on a number of factors, there may not be anyone physically co-located, and it doesn’t matter.

Every other Tuesday at 8:45 am US Pacific Time, 5:45 pm CZ Time, I’m in a video conference with our Czech-based designer discussing customer feedback. Even though we only meet twice a month, we’re always working together and can see what each of us is working on in between meetings. That’s because our “office” isn’t really a building, it’s our app, Samepage. And when the office is an app, it doesn’t matter if you’re in California, the Czech Republic, or if you decide to go to Boston for a few days — the office comes with you.

Because we’re so location agnostic at Samepage we’ve been joking around about the hashtag #FtheOffice. Because really, what good is an office when it gets in the way of what’s really important — the work. Employees are actually more engaged when they spend time off-site, and half of the workforce is ready to leave for a company that offers more flexible work options.

Our team is proof that engagement and productivity improves when the team has more flexibility on when and where they work. Last month we’ve bested just about every metric we track, and we’re on track to set more records this month. Has your team decided to say “F the Office” and trade long commutes, and daily distractions for a more modern work style? Do you love it? Tell us about your experiences good and bad.

PS — Zapier is run by a fully remote team and did a really cute blog post showing off their “remote offices” you can read about it here. We recently partnered with Zapier to make Samepage really really ridiculously useful. Go try some of the Zaps for yourself!