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Hunting Down Red Dot Notifications

October 18, 2017

Hunting Down Red Dot Notifications

You're a Samepage power user, so you're probably a member of multiple teams. You're all completing projects in record time, communicating at the speed of thought, and generating tons of content. Congrats! But that probably means you've got red dot notifications piling up overnight or while you're taking that well-deserved vacation. What's the fastest way to hunt down all of those unread notifications when you get back online? We'll show you.

Search (a.k.a the red dot collector)

We all know that Search is an important tool for finding pages, files, etc. But have you noticed that when you click in the Search field, it will autosuggest content for you? It will always list your recently viewed pages, but if you have unread notifications, Search will show their locations at the top of the list, like this:

Search red not notifications

This is especially helpful when you're a member of many teams and sub-teams. Instead of hunting them down manually, let Search collect them for you.

The Off-Screen Total Notifier

What's this? When you're a member of multiple teams and they won't all fit on your screen, Samepage adds up the number of notifications outside your view and places a red indicator on screen to show you where additional notifications are waiting. You'll see red shapes with numbers and arrows, like this:

Search red not notifications

Now for the best part. They're clickable, so you don't have to even have to scroll up or down to find those unreads. The off-screen notifiers will take you there with a click.

It's all about that efficiency here. Happy hunting speed demons!