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How To Un-Sync Files From Your Desktop in Samepage

September 21, 2015

How To Un-Sync Files From Your Desktop in Samepage

We’ve been making changes at Samepage so this Tip is a little outdated. Don’t worry! There are tons of new features to help you get more done. Take a look at the new Samepage in our guide, Switching to new Samepage.

Samepage makes it easy to keep all of your files up-to-date even when working with a large team. Last week we showed you how to sync files. But what if the project ends, and you need to get some space back? We'll show you how to un-sync files from pages you might not need anymore.

First open the Samepage Desktop App - you should see the window with all of your synced files.

Right click (control + click on Mac) on the page you want to un-sync. Select Unsubscribe:

When asked if you'd like to unsubscribe select Yes:


You're now un-synced from that page. That was easy! Learn more by browsing our other Samepage Tips. Get started with our free online collaboration tool.