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How One Gym Owner Promotes Fitness and Community through Collaboration

May 28, 2015

How One Gym Owner Promotes Fitness and Community through Collaboration

How often do we hear that regular exercise is good for us? How it prevents or helps manage disease? Despite knowing that, few people exercise as much as needed, often because exercise is so boring.

But did you know that boxing workouts are the latest hard-core workouts — no longer reserved for professional or amateur boxers in training? Boxing has become a popular form of exercise to improve flexibility and burn fat, regardless of the fitness level of a person.

With hands taped up and boxing gloves on, men and women of all fitness levels are getting into the boxing ring and getting the workout of their lives. It’s agony, but it’s effective!

The influx of a more diverse boxing adherent has some new boxing franchises — stepping away from the gritty, hard-nosed atmosphere of old-school boxing facilities. Instead, these new gyms are creating environments that welcome just about anyone hoping to get in great shape.

Of course, “build it and they will come” doesn't work for boxing any better than for baseball (Field of Dreams was only a movie). Managing a successful gym takes business insight and savvy. You have to hire and oversee quality personal trainers and staff, plan and follow a budget, manage billing, develop fitness classes for your members, make sure your gym is safe, and maintain a high membership level. It’s a lot of work that can also be incredibly rewarding.

Organization is Key

Brian used to be a private fitness coach. He has a degree in physical education, years of experience as a professional boxer and coach, and more clients than he knew what to do with.

So a few years back he opened the doors to his dream gym to his client base. He’s now the proud owner of the Warrior Boxing & Fitness Gym. His gym has something for everyone, whether they're a rising professional fighter or someone just looking for a powerhouse workout. Now, Brian happily watches as his gym's membership grows through the roof. He’s learned a lot since the gym first opened. Mainly that managing a gym is hard work and that organization is key to the long-term success of any facility.

To stay organized, Brian manages all his day-to-day business issues using a free online collaboration tool. The gym’s staff also uses the collaboration tool, even though they were reluctant at first. After all, who wants to learn another software tool?

Fortunately, after doing a collaboration platform comparison, Brian selected the option with a short learning curve. Everyone on his staff quickly learned how to the tool's features. Staff and trainers also really appreciated being able use it on their mobile devices, which helped speed up the learning process.

With the online collaboration tool, Brian:

  • Uses its public pages as the gym website. Viewers find group class schedules, links to helpful nutrition fitness tips and facts, current trending boxing articles, and how-to videos.

  • Posts membership promotions and job opportunities.

  • Keeps a list of all personal trainers and their clients on secure, private pages.

In fact, personal trainers are able to create and share private pages with their own client list. Clients can access their personal workout schedules, record and track their workouts, and communicate privately with their trainer in real-time through the free online collaboration tool.

Brian is building an awesome community of people at all fitness levels, including up-and-coming professional boxers, who are pushing toward their fitness goals. Using an online collaboration tool is an integral part of keeping that community connected.

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