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How to Manage your Book Club

January 22, 2015

How to Manage your Book Club

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, book clubs can be fun -- a great way to enjoy books, challenge your mind, laugh, share ideas (and maybe some wine) with a few friends. But let’s face it — book clubs can be really hard to pull off successfully. Managing all the logistics and event planning can overwhelm you because you're constantly dealing with questions such as:

  • Where's the reading list and calendar?

  • How long does each meeting run?

  • Who's running the next meeting?

  • Where do we meet? Are we rotating locations for each meeting? When am I scheduled to host the meeting?

  • Who's bringing the coffee/tea? Cookies/snacks?

  • Must refreshments reflect the theme of the book being discussed?

  • Do we have any book discounts or coupons?

How do you make life easier for you and your book club members? How can you all have quick access to important information? What if you had an easy way to manage your book club and all the crucial details? What will it take to make the book club fun instead of stressful for you?

So many details, so little time!

Meet Himari

Himari enjoys nothing better than a lazy day with a good book while sipping her favorite cup of tea. About two years ago her love of reading led her to eagerly begin hosting a monthly book club. She recruited some friends, selected a few books to start, and set up monthly meetings in her living room. She quickly came to realize that it was a lot more work than she expected. Organizing and managing the everyday minutiae to make her group a success – maintaining the member contact information list and book lists/schedules, answering new member questions, sending reminder emails, etc. took a big chunk of her time every month.

She was overwhelmed and the time needed to run the book club was cutting in on her much-cherished reading time. She wanted one central place where she could easily keep track of all of the important details and communicate with the members online. She decided to use Samepage.

Thanks to Samepage, she now has one place where she can see essential contact information, schedule and coordinate upcoming meetings, communicate with members and easily keep track of book lists/schedules and all book club activities.

All members can access and post club information anytime as well from anywhere on the Internet. Now, making the book club happen takes very little effort on any one person's time. Marisa spends less time organizing the club and more time doing what she loves most, reading!

In fact, they're using Samepage to discuss and collect ideas for future books so that their meetings are now spent discussing that book instead of wasting time on administrative stuff. Everyone is so much happier and satisfied.