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Helpful Samepage-Zapier workflows for Customer Support Teams

February 23, 2017

Helpful Samepage-Zapier workflows for Customer Support Teams

Your customer support team is too busy. Let Samepage and Zapier give you a hand. Whether you use Freshdesk, which powers our helpdesk, or another tool like Zendesk these recipes will help you save time and focus on what really matters, helping your users. Here's just a taste of what Zapier and Samepage can do for you:

Create new Samepage task for new Freshdesk tickets

It's not always easy to manage and track tickets in the help desk. Use this Zap to automatically create a task for each new ticket, where your whole team can watch the progress, and hopefully lend a hand.

Create new Samepage page from new Freshdesk tickets

At Samepage we prefer to send new tickets to pages. That way when our customer support team needs help, all of the ticket information is available for our dev team to see and collaborate with you right in Samepage.

Get notifications in team chat of new tickets in Freshdesk

Each time a new ticket is submitted in Freshdesk, we can pass that information directly to the Customer Support Team in Samepage. The great thing is that your team can customize what information is shared to Samepage. We choose to share the following ticket subject, requestor, and description. If your team wants more of less information, it's easy to change that in Zapier.

Get notifications of status changes on tickets posted to Samepage

Knowing that a new ticket is created is great. Automatically keeping on top of the status is even better. Use this Zap to automatically send updates on ticket status to a designated team in Samepage.

Your team can get started using all of these great workflows for free, and they don't require any technical knowledge to implement. If you don't have a Zapier account, get a free Zapier account. If you're all set up on Zapier and Samepage already - go the Samepage Zapbook and use our pre-built templates to get started.