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Helpful Samepage-Zapier Workflows for All Teams

February 23, 2017

Helpful Samepage-Zapier Workflows for All Teams

Just getting started with Samepage and Zapier? These workfows are great no matter what kind of team you have. Let Zapier take care of tedious tasks, and help you pass important information from the dozens of apps you use every day to Samepage, your all-in-one collaboration platform. Here's just a taste of what Zapier and Samepage can do for you:

Create new task from email

Sometimes you get an important email and want to remember to get back to it later. Use this Zap to create a task for emails you forward to a special secret Zapier email address.

Create new page from email

Sometimes you want to capture information from an email on a Samepage page. Instead of copy/pasting manually, use this Zap to automatically create a page for emails you forward to a secret Zapier email address.

Post Slack channel messages to Samepage team chat

Does your team work in Slack and Samepage? It can be hard to keep track of messages in both, so why not just keep it all in once place? Automatically post Slack channel messages to a corresponding team in Samepage with this Zap. This is great if you want to bring your marketing or sales channel to the corresponding team in Samepage.

Maybe you don't want to forward every single message? Use these Zaps instead:

Post starred Slack messages to Samepage Team Chat - only want to share certain messages from Slack to Samepage? Use this Zap to send starred messages to Samepage Team Chat.

Want to get notified of personal mentions from Slack in Samepage? Create a private team for yourself, and set up a page called Slack mentions. Then use this Zap to collect all your notifications in Samepage. Or use this recipe to include any mentions of project related keyword on a project page.

Send Emails to Samepage Page Chat

Lots of us work with colleagues via email. Email isn't a great place to store important information and communication. Use this recipe to automatically add Gmail messages with a keyword mention you specify to a Samepage page chat. Here's an example:

Set up a secret phrase for a project like "quiet frog", and casually drop it in emails with a client - using this Zap, Zapier will add those communications to the quiet frog project page in Samepage automatically. If a keyword won't work for that project, you can set up a custom Gmail label, or send starred messages to a page.

Get notified of a new file in Google Drive

If your team uses Google Docs to collaborate you need this Zap. Automatically update the team every time a new file is created in Google drive, and never wonder where that new presentation or spreadsheet is again.

Post approaching Google Calendar Events to a Team Chat

Update your team in Samepage with upcoming events from Google Calendar. Use this to automate meeting reminders, or deadline reminders, or reminders for the weekly beer:30. You know, so no one forgets beer:30.

Your team can get started using all of these great workflows for free, and they don't require any technical knowledge to implement. If you don't have a Zapier account, get a free Zapier account. If you're all set up on Zapier and Samepage already - go the Samepage Zapbook and use our pre-built templates to get started.