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Happy Earth Day!

April 21, 2014

Happy Earth Day!As a team who likes to conserve our time (you've tried Samepage, right?), today is a day about making conservation efforts for our environment. Worldwide, individuals, schools and organizations are pledging to raise awareness of the impact our every day activities have on the Earth. Here are our top tips to bring a little green to your office.
  • Encourage employees to carpool to the office - they'll not only save on gas, but can avoid traffic by using the carpool lane
  • Provide public transportation options to employees - purchase bus passes, access to bike share programs, make use of the local options in your area
  • Place recycle bins throughout the office - access within reach will encourage employees to use them, rather than single bins across the office
  • Ask employees to power down during lunch, end of day or other extended breaks - save energy when away from the office
  • Host e-waste recycling days - have your support team collect employees e-waste and properly dispose of it
  • Give the team reusable beverage containers - save paper and plastic waste by giving your team company-branded water bottles and coffee mugs
How does your office help reduce its carbon footprint?