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Groups - advanced user management in Samepage

February 09, 2021

Groups - advanced user management in Samepage

Introducing another Pro feature for all admins and larger organizations in general - user groups. Stop assigning individual rights, start using user groups and ease your administrative pain when sharing new content.

What are groups

Every time you need to create a new project within a larger organization, you need to make sure all the right people have appropriate access to a given content. That meant adding people one by one and adjusting if they are folder managers or editors, for example. Such a process can be rather tedious, especially if your organization is quite large.

With user groups, however, this is much simpler. Instead of adding, let's say, 60 people, you can add just add 2 or 3 groups and set their permissions, just like that.

Groups in Samepage

Main benefits

  • Create common user groups that reflect your organization
  • Sales, Engineering, Marketing
  • Simplify folder sharing
  • Simplify onboarding for new employees

Create groups to reflect your organization

Groups examples

You probably already have groups of people from the same department or that regularly work together. You can now create such groups within Samepage to make it easier for you to share new folders and documents with them.

Simplify folder sharing

Simpler folder sharing

When many people are within the same folder, it might be hard to know if everyone has access to it. You need to open the sharing dialog and scroll through the long list of people to see if Mike from Engineering really has access. With groups, you'll instantly notice that Engineering is granted access, and so you have fewer things to worry about.

Simplify onboarding to new employees

Simpler employee onboarding

When a new person becomes a member of your organization, you typically need to make sure he or she has access to all the content. That might require you to go through quite a few folders to set up the access accordingly. Now with groups, you can just add the person in corresponding groups, and she/he will have access to all the content as her/his groupmates.

How to create a group

To create a group, you need to be either an admin or user admin in a paid organization on Samepage. Just head to Users and Groups (formerly People) and switch to the new Groups view. There you can create a new group and manage any existing group. Once you create a group, every member of your organization can see it and its members and use it when managing folder sharing.