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Graduation is Coming – Are You Ready?

March 10, 2015

Graduation is Coming – Are You Ready?

Excitedly counting the days to graduation? Dreading finals? Worried about getting a job? Not sure what you want to do when you graduate? If you’re feeling any or all of those, you're not alone. Millions of college students feel the same way.

As you prepare to accept that diploma, there’s a lot to do as you transition from studying to working for a living. Here are a few smart things you need to do to prepare for graduation — and beyond:

  • Get your school career in order. Make sure you’ve got all the required credits — majors, minors, general ed, and electives. See an academic counselor ASAP to be sure. Don’t forget to get current on your tuition payments, campus parking tickets, library overdue fines and any other school fees. Above all, be sure you’ve submitted all the work your professors have required by their due dates. Any one of these can keep you from graduating!

  • If you borrowed money from the federal government to pay for your education, make sure you go to exit counseling — otherwise your school may not release your transcripts. (Necessary for graduate school and many employers.)

  • Get your professors' recommendations in writing. Ideally you want letters from professors that speak to your skills, knowledge, abilities, and character. While it’s easiest to approach your favorite professors, don’t neglect professors in your major whose recommendations can make a difference in getting you a job in your field. Do it while they still remember who you are.

  • Clean up your social media profiles! Make sure they reflect your best, most professional you.

  • Make friends with your campus career center. The career center can help you get your résumé in order and point you toward school resources. Your campus career center also hosts visits from companies who are looking for new employees, not just interns. Be sure to get on their email lists, or check their listings frequently. The counselors there can also help you formulate a job search plan and even help get you job interviews.

  • And don’t forget to save your important projects, papers, and finals in a safe spot so you can reference them in the future.

With so many things to track and complete, how do you keep all these to-dos straight?

Drew Gets Organized

Drew is graduating from college with a bachelor’s in business administration. He wants to land a job in sales. He’s ecstatic because the job market is looking up for new grads, but he’s a bit of a mess. He needs to get better organized — stay on top of exams, final class assignments, get everything ready for graduation, and compete in the job market — all at the same time.

A friend he met at a college network event uses Samepage to stay organized and recommended it. Drew quickly learned Samepage was the perfect tool to help him do just that. And it’s FREE!

It took him five minutes to learn how to use it. Drew quickly created a page where he put all the information he needs at hand — graduation date, time, and location as well as crucial tasks. And Samepage lets him share his pages as well so family and friends can stay in the loop.

He also created a page for all his job search information and activities. Now his target employers, the research he needs to do on each one, network event dates and contact lists, and other action items are all in one place. And because Samepage lets him save all kinds of files, he can also keep his resumes and relevant school papers to send to potential employers there as well.

With Samepage, Drew now has everything he needs for graduation and his job search all in one online location that he can access on the go.