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Going Full Throttle on Task Management

May 30, 2019

Going Full Throttle on Task Management

We've spent the past few months bolstering the foundation of our team collaboration platform with a strong emphasis on communication & real-time content management. The journey has propelled us into leading the ranks for both collaboration and communication software. It also set the perfect stage for our next endeavor.

With a solid collaborative foundation, and with the full power of our development team, we're moving full speed ahead on enhancing task management in our all-in-one platform.

Our rockstar developers have a front row seat to the user feedback we collect. This feedback guides them as they work their magic - our recipe for success so far. It helped us begin our new task management initiative, and today we're releasing the first of many user-inspired improvements:

Task Reports

Clicking Tasks in your Samepage dock now gives you a list of task reports. We've created a few for you already:

Task Management Reports
  • All My Tasks - all tasks you're involved in as either the assignee or a participant
  • Created By Me - all tasks you've created, whether or not you've assigned them to yourself or someone else
  • My Completed Tasks - all tasks marked as completed by you, even if you weren't assigned to them.
  • Customized Reports - create as many customized personal reports as you like, filtered by progress, due date, assignee, participant, and creator.
Customize Task Management Reports

Drag & Drop

In a hurry? The quickest way to create a task is to select Tasks from the dock. You'll see the button to create a task above your list of task reports. If you want to move the task to a specific team later, simply select Teams from the dock and drag the task to it.

Drag Tasks To Teams

You can also drag tasks from one list group to another. For example, if you'd like to change a task's due date from today to tomorrow, drag 'n drop makes it easy.

Drag Tasks To Groups

Display & Grouping Options

You'll notice additional controls above your task list that help you customize your view.


Task Display Options

Because tasks often have descriptive text or sub-tasks, we're giving you the choice of full, condensed, or minimalist views.

Group by

Task Grouping Options

By default, tasks are grouped together by due date, but feel free to rearrange the list by priority, assignee, team, page, tag, or completed date.

What are tags?

When writing a title for a task, adding the # symbol followed by a word lets you "tag" a task, giving you the opportunity to create groups of tasks with the same tag. In the example below, you can see 2 tasks are tagged with #reports. Tags make it easy to group or filter tasks any way you like.

Tagging Tasks

We value your feedback and ideas.

This is just the beginning. Let's do this together. Use our feedback option in the Home screen of the Samepage app to suggest improvements, new features, or whatever is on your mind. To all the taskmasters out there, cheers and enjoy!