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Go-Time for Public Pages!

July 25, 2017

Go-Time for Public Pages!

What are public pages?

If you're already on Samepage, you know that creating pages to share content with your team is dead simple. You know there's no easier way to share comments, tasks, files, images, videos, maps, surveys, spreadsheets, and calendar events with your co-workers, clients, and contractors. Until now, however, you could only share that awesome content with other Samepagers. Well, that all changed this week.

You can now share a page with anyone in the world, regardless of whether or not they're on Samepage. This means you and your team can quickly design a web page with our livePage drag-n-drop technology, open the page to the public, and broadcast a link through social media or email.

How can I use them?

This is perfect for teams that need to easily launch content-rich pages on to the internet without waiting for a web coder to help make them look nice. Let's take one of our favorites - Bine Brewery. Let's say they need to quickly launch a web page for the upcoming weekend event they're hosting. The team hops on the page, writes some copy, adds some maps, images, and calendar events - DONE. With a couple clicks, the page is on the web with a shareable link, it looks great, and it only took a few minutes to make. The team can also make quick updates to the page without having to leave Samepage. Here's an example:

Example of a public page

Pretty powerful right? That's just one example. Pages can be shared with the public for all sorts of reasons, and it's likely to be quite a time saver too. To learn more about publishing a page on the internet, check this help article out, and enjoy!