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Getting Ready for Taxes

February 26, 2015

Getting Ready for Taxes

In every family there’s always one spouse who seems to wind up responsible for taking care of the family finances. And if you’re a stay-at-home mom, somehow it seems to wind up being you! Which means as April 15th appears on the horizon, all the pressure is on you to get ready for your accountant.

Organizing the tax paperwork is rarely anyone’s favorite chore (unless you know you’re getting a whopping big refund!). And the papers you need are different, depending upon you and your spouse’s financial situation. Even if a professional prepares your tax returns, it’s still up to you to organize and track down all the documents you’ll need (i.e. receipts, pay stubs, tax forms, etc.).

Gretchen’s Tax Organizing System

Gretchen is a freelance web developer and designer who works from home. Come tax time, she has a lot to keep track of and organize:

  • Her Business: income, business loans/debts, quarterly tax payments

  • Gretchen's husband, Josef's Business: W2, 401k, company stock dividends

  • Household: mortgage interest, property tax, charitable donations, childcare expenses, savings and investment accounts

Whew — what a mountain of paper! She’s got five file folders full, not to mention printouts from her Quicken software, and dozens of electronic files. What a mess!

One of Gretchen's clients recommended Samepage because it's simple to plan, organize, and manage just about anything — and it's FREE. Since Samepage lets her store all kinds of files — text, spreadsheets, photos, videos, .PDF files, scanned documents and more — she felt Gretchen would find it saves her time too (not to mention anxiety) by being able to pull all her tax stuff into one place for easy referral and retrieval.

Gretchen quickly signed up for Samepage. In 10 minutes she created a page for her business that she now uses year-round for record-keeping. And she's also set up a page so she and Josef can get their tax paperwork organized.

Best of all, from now on, with Samepage's mobile app, Gretchen and Josef can quickly add taxable expenses to their Samepages while they're out and about. And since Samepage is secure, Gretchen shares both Samepages with her accountant to quickly find all the information he needs to file their taxes on time. If he has any questions, he can enter comments for Gretchen and Josef directly on the page for them to follow. Her accountant can even post other information to their Samepages. What could be easier?!

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Even though you know that April 15th comes every year, somehow it has a way of sneaking up on you. Don’t wait to get ambushed.