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Free Up Your Team's Collaboration

August 19, 2015

Free Up Your Team's Collaboration

How many communication and work tools do you have open on your computer? How many work apps do you have on your phone? At work you probably use company email, Google Docs, Yammer, Slack, Link, Microsoft Office, calendar, and notes. Not to mention all of the social channels that buzz all day long, too - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, WhatsApp. And that's on top of all the work-based messaging apps, emails and alerts.

It's impossible to to keep up with everything. What's worse is when you're trying to focus on a task, and you get distracted by one of the dozen communication tools you use, it can take over 23 minutes to get back on track. That struggle to get back on track is a symptom of context switching, or having to refocus your brain after switching tasks. This is a real problem for productivity.

Even if you turned off all of your communication tools to focus and get work done, your workflow is still complicated enough. For example - how many steps and tools does it take your team to go from idea to execution? Imagine you're working with an outside agency to execute a new Facebook ad campaign:

1. ID your target audience

2. Brainstorm an offer/promotion

3. Meeting with agency to discuss goals/outcomes, ideas for content

4. Agency creates proposal - team meeting and discussion of creative

5. Tasking and scheduling content delivery

6. Post-mortem

Putting the ad campaign together will take 4-5 group meetings, ad hoc 1:1 meetings, time to record and share ideas and content, time to review other's ideas and content, and time to collect and analyze data to complete the project. You'll use a combination of email, IM, document software, conferencing tools and project management software. Switching back and forth between the multiple tools will cause hours in lost productivity across your team.

Samepage keeps all of your work on one page so your team can communicate and share information in one place. Keep versions of files out of email, and on the cloud. Comments, feedback and tasks on the same page as your documents so you can track and manage your internal and external teams to get more done, with less context switching.

To see more of Samepage in action to help your business check out Bine Brewing, who used Samepage to coordinate all the moving pieces for an upcoming ad campaign.

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