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Four Tips & Tricks for Tasks

September 26, 2017

Four Tips & Tricks for Tasks

The Samepage Task - a tool of many talents. This blog post will walk you through 4 tips to help make your tasks in Samepage more useful and effective.

1. The Task Checklist

You may find yourself adding a task in Samepage and wishing you had a way to show a collection of sub-tasks or a checklist within the task details. This is easy. Simply click to edit the "Details..." section of the task, type brackets like this [], hit the spacebar, and type a title. Hit Enter and you'll see a clickable checkbox appear next to your new sub-task. Repeat the process to add multiple sub-tasks. It'll look like this:


2. The Task Number List

Similar to creating a checklist, you can create a numbered list by clicking in the "Details..." section of the task, typing 1, a period, a space, and a title. Hit Enter and it'll kick into numbered list mode, creating a second line, starting with 2. Here's an example:

Numbered list within a task

3. The Task Bullet List

If a checklist or a numbered list isn't your thing, but you still want a nice way to display details within a task, use a bullet list in the task's detail section. Start by typing the asterisk symbol or a hyphen, a space, and a title. Upon hitting Enter, the asterisk will convert to a proper bullet point and the next line in the list will have one too.

Numbered list within a task

4. Rapid Task Creation

Now that you're fully equipped to create powerful tasks, you'll probably want to create more of them. The quickest way to create a list of tasks on a page is by typing brackets, a space, and a title, right on the page. Hitting Enter will convert the line to a task. Repeat the process for each task you want to create.


The checklist, number list, and bullet list in the Details section of your Tasks can also be created in the Details section of Events.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, coming soon. Cheers!