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Fire Up the Barbecue! Memorial Day is Here

May 21, 2015

Fire Up the Barbecue! Memorial Day is Here

You know the warm, lazy days of summer are almost here when you find yourself thinking about Memorial Day plans. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned barbeque to kick off the summer season in a tasty way. My family always looks forward to some yummy grilled dishes, refreshing drinks, fun activities, and lots of laughter.

Hi there! I’m Susannah, mom of 2 adorable kids, Sophie and Noah, and happily married to my guy, Mike. This year we’re the happy hosts to about 25 friends and family for a barbeque in our backyard. I have to admit that planning anything is not one of my strong points. So yes, you might say I’m a little freaked out, but I really want to do this in style and make sure everything comes off smoothly. So, being the clever girl that I am, I enlisted the help of my sister (Carol, the boss!) and my long-time BFF (Dina, chief cook and bottle washer!) to complete my small but mighty planning team.

My neighbor, Shelley, used Samepage to plan her Mardi Gras party and swears I shouldn’t even think about planning a party without it. So I took her advice, downloaded the free app and quickly learned how to create a page to organize and manage my barbeque. It was super easy. And great news! Samepage lets me share the page with Carol and Dina so they can easily access or even post information to the page as well. They love having all the And we can access our page while we’re out and about with our mobile devices.

I immediately posted the guest list on our Samepage so I can get invitations sent. Dina posted a proposed menu that we can update and finalize together online. Some of our guests have kindly volunteered to bring a few side dishes and desserts — thank goodness — so we can easily keep track of who’s bringing what on our page. Carol posted plans for setting up a “kid zone” in my backyard of fun activities the kids (and adults) can enjoy during the party.

Our Samepage features our plans for a "kid zone" in my backyard of fun activities the kids (and adults) can enjoy during the party, images of patriotic decoration ideas with how-to videos of some of our favorite party recipes, and so much more. Now we each know exactly what we have to do to make this get-together a success. It’s all right there on our Samepage.

And there’s no way we’d let the day to go by without acknowledging the real reason for this great holiday. We’re planning to take part in The National Moment of Remembrance by pausing the festivities at 3 pm on Memorial Day for one minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to this great country. Maybe you want to join us?

We still have much to do to complete our Memorial Day barbeque plans, but we're confident that with Samepage, we won’t miss a beat!

Planning to fire up the grill on Memorial Day with friends and family? Samepage can help.