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Fight back against #slacklash by doing these four things when on-boarding a new messaging app

April 28, 2016

Fight back against #slacklash by doing these four things when on-boarding a new messaging app

Messaging apps can be great productivity boosters. Don't fear the #slacklash, and prevent a #slackmess. Get your company messaging-ready with this quick guide:

1. Choose the messaging tool that's right for your team.

There are lots of messaging tools out there. Compare the features of each tool and find the one that provides the most bang for your buck. We have a handy guide that helps you compare collaboration tools.

2. Make a list of the channels you want for your team before starting an account.

You should have channels for each department or team like Marketing, Sales, Customer Support etc. Avoid creating channels for every project each department is working on. If you have too many places to share information, it's hard to find the right information at the right time. Set up as few channels as possible so that information is easy to find. You might want to set a minimum number of people to have in each channel. Also - make sure that channels have different people. There's no reason to have five channels all with the same five people.

3. Set a schedule.

Messaging gives you unprecedented access to your coworkers. Don't abuse it! Set up in-office hours and out of office hours so you can have some quiet time to recover between workdays.

4. Don't forget to have some fun.

All work and no play makes Slackbot a dull boy. Create a place for off topic and water cooler channels. These channels are a great place for your team to share fun links. Don't force anyone to subscribe to these channels though.

These steps should set you on the right track. Do you want to learn more about the differences between popular team messaging apps? Take a look at our messaging app comparison.

If you want to see how Samepage stacks up against a wide range of other collaboration tools: Compare Samepage.