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The feature all video calling is missing

December 02, 2019

The feature all video calling is missing

Remember the last time you were on a group video call? You might have been on mute (so others don't hear your crunchy snack). But then you wanted to express your agreement/disagreement with what is being discussed and now what? Turning on your mic only to say "yes" and then turn it off again is too much of a burden. You may don't want to interrupt the speaker as she/he continues. And if you're an introvert type of personality, it's even worse. We know that feeling oh so well. And that's why we're giving you the incredible power to do precisely that. With just one click.

We present to you Call Emoji Reactions

When on a call on Samepage, you now can react with an emoji to let others know what exactly you feel about the discussed topic. It shows with animation, so it gets noticed and then fades away as the topic of discussion changes.

It also allows you to express absolute joy or hate through multiple clicks. When you click multiple times in a row, the emoji animation starts over each time so everyone can see your happiness or disagreement.

Gone are the seconds of awkward silence

We used to experience awkward silence quite a few times during our calls. Our CEO, for example, asked if we like some idea, and then it happened. From his perspective, it might have looked like we don't care about his plan or that we are not paying attention to the discussion. Neither was true. But in case you don't see your peers sitting next to you, it's hard to predict who's going to start first and nodding your head is too subtle. Also, when on mute, it takes some time to un-mute to express yourself, and in the meantime, the discussion can move forward. That's now all gone.

Quick polls and replies

Now with Call Emoji Reactions, you're also able to run quick surveys. "Give me a thumbs up if you're going out for a beer on Friday" is a simple example of a poll you can have. But it can also be something like: "Hey Matt, is the spreadsheet looking correct according to your numbers?" The possibilities are endless.

Disagree effectively

Disagreement is a natural part of a healthy discussion. But when a debate gets heated, and people start shouting at each other, you lose track, and productivity is gone. Using Call emoji reaction gives you the possibility to express your disagreement without actually interrupting the speaker. When the discussion gets heated, you can use one of the emojis instead of a naughty word. That will also keep your Karma positive.

Enjoy and let us know on Twitter and Facebook what you think!