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Dropbox: The Latest Enabler of App-Hopping Inefficiency

June 13, 2019

Dropbox: The Latest Enabler of App-Hopping Inefficiency

Here at Samepage, we can't say we're surprised to hear Dropbox's latest announcement. They've revamped their platform, hoping to remain relevant in a space they once dominated: online collaboration.

Today's online collaboration space is filled with apps that go well beyond file sharing. Apps built for task management, video calling, group chat, and document collaboration all incorporate files, but more importantly, reduce the need for them all together.

Dropbox must have recognized these looming issues.

  1. File storage by itself is a dying business.
  2. Using multiple apps for working together creates fragmentation and friction.
  3. Rebuilding as an all-in-one collaboration tool is probably out of scope.

So they've gone all in on making it easier to use Dropbox in parallel with other single-purpose apps, shrugging "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

They join a long list of apps promoting the "convenience" of 3rd-party integrations. Slack has shown them all how to survive as an incomplete collaboration app by making it seem as if hopping between multiple apps is just a necessary evil.

Hopping between multiple collaboration apps is inefficient.

To be fair, Samepage offers 1000+ 3rd-party integrations (including Dropbox), but they're far less necessary here. If you're not familiar with us yet, we're an all-in-one collaboration platform. We blend these core collaboration tools together in a single, easy-to-use app:

  • file sharing and synchronization
  • team chat
  • video calling
  • task management
  • shared calendars
  • real-time document collaboration

These are the tools most modern teams use every day, and with us, you won't need an IT staff to connect them. They come ready to rock and roll, right out of the box. Instead of managing and paying for multiple apps, you only need one. This is the future of work.

Dropbox: The Latest Enabler of App-Hopping Inefficiency