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Delete Chat Message and Auto-Join

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March 06, 2017 | Helena Chen

Delete Chat Message

Mistakes happen. That's why Samepage gives you the option to edit or delete a recently posted chat message. Now, Admins in Pro organizations have the extended permission to delete any message in Team Chat and Page Chat.

To delete a message, the admin must first enter Content Manager Mode, then hover to the 3-dot menu next to the message and select "Delete Message."

Auto-Join Your Organization

We're making it easier than ever for users to join their organization on Samepage! 

When a new user signs up with an email domain already registered with Samepage, they'll have the option to join that organization. If they're an existing user, they'll see the option to join matching organization(s) in the main navigation menu.

Admins have the option to switch the auto-join feature on/off in Settings.

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