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Creating a Native Advertising Campaign with Samepage

December 17, 2015

Creating a Native Advertising Campaign with Samepage

There are 2 kinds of people - those who think native advertising is evil, and those who think they need to do more native advertising. I'm Leo, principal at Kistner Communications. We get numerous requests to build native campaigns for clients, and many of them share the same reservations about native advertising. But there's not much to worry about. Native advertising has been around for decades. Native advertising began with the invention of the "advertorial," in which  brands would pay to publish editorial content in  newspapers. Native advertising takes the tried and true formula of paid content in your newsfeed and takes it to 11. At its core, native advertising is paid content that adopts the format of other content in a publication.

Sometimes, native advertising seeks to entertain its audience, and at other times, native advertising aims to inform readers via contributed or sponsored articles.  Just check out this list of examples of 5 of the best and worst. In fact, 62% of publications offer native advertising opportunities. So if you're convinced that native advertising is for you, we'll share some pointers on how you can create a top notch native advertising campaign, and how we use Samepage to make it happen.

There are many ways to start a native advertising campaign. This guide from Hubspot is a great place to start, whether you're working on your first or 100th campaign. We like to start by creating a page with Samepage and inviting our team. a new page for the project called Native Campaigns Q1 2016. On the page we have invited everyone we need to put the campaign together. We have our marketing team, our copywriter, and our designer on the page. This page will act as the central hub for the entire project.

We like to start by outlining the audience we'd like to talk to. We brainstorm ideas in Samepage and with the collaborative text editor, we can write and edit in real time with team members. Once we have an audience defined, we need to find the publications that our audience is reading. To do this, we use Buzz Sumo to find the top authors and domains for our campaign. We can export our results into spreadsheets, and keep the files on Samepage.

With the list of sites and authors, we need to narrow our focus to those sites that match our customer profile. Once we have our targets narrowed down, we contact each site and author to learn about opportunities to post our content on their sites. Using Samepage's file sync feature, anyone on our team can keep track of who we have contacted and when we last reached out. We can also track progress, and gather quotes/information about what each site is looking for.

When we have our audience, and a few potential blogs that are a good fit, we can start thinking about what content we'd like to create for this campaign. Remember we want to provide value to the reader and a tight fit between audience, venue, and content is key to make sure that our content is relevant and educational to the site's audience. Samepage gives us a great place to draft content and share ideas. With a combination of synchronous and asyncronous communication, Samepage adapts to our schedules and workflow.

With Samepage, we can brainstorm about imagery with our designer, and she can upload and share images in any format. This way we can all look at files together and keep feedback centralized. It's  much easier than having to dig through emails, and track reply alls and replies. Once the imagery is finalized, we keep those images in a final folder - now everyone knows where the right images are for putting together campaigns.

Once the campaign is live, we can track results right on the page. We love to follow up with clients and give them the raw performance numbers of the campaign. It helps us show the value of a campaign, and keeps everything out in the open. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with every campaign, and have something to show for it.

And that's how Samepage helps power our creative process! If you want to take your team's collaboration to the next level, learn how Samepage can jump start your collaboration process with their collaboration app.