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Creating an Employee Resource Center with Samepage

December 03, 2015

Creating an Employee Resource Center with Samepage

We've shown you how how Samepage can help make employee onboarding a breeze and we're not done making your life easier. Samepage is the perfect place to keep everything you need to make sure your employees are on the same page with you.

Meet Director of HR Sam - he's been using Samepage to replace his employee files, and recently began using Samepage to gather other important information and documents. Now,employees have access to more information and can stay up-to-date with what's going on at the company.

Sam started by creating a page to house all of the forms he uses in HR - now employees can access forms, and fill them out digitally. Sam no longer searches for the form on his computer and emails it. If he makes a change to the form, the Samepage desktop app automatically syncs the file back to the forms page. Now, everyone has access to the latest files.

Working with forms went so well that Sam started transitioning the company's professional development, and evaluation system. Sam used Samepage's sharing features to manage the end of year review process. He can set up pages, shared between HR,supervisors, and direct reports. In a transparent, but private process all reviews were carried out online instead of on paper. Managers and direct reports were able to provide 360 degree feedback to each other, Page access rights are secure, so you control who sees what. And because everything is organized, Sam and team can easily reference previous reviews.

Need to keep on top of when open enrollment is? What about when changes in coverage take effect,  health care provider information , or the sick policy? With Samepage, Sam can keep a master calendar with all important HR dates and information. He can even share the calendar with insurance companies, and partners, so they can help manage the calendar .

And that's the best part of using Samepage - it's collaborative! The resource center is always evolving. Employees can ask questions using the comments feature. Sam can add articles or updates to address these questions and create a better experience for his employees. By communicating through the center, he's able to address more concerns, and all without sending or receiving a single email.

You can start building your own employee resource center in less than five minutes with our online collaboration tool. Create an account, invite your coworkers, and get started here. For more info on how to get the most out of Samepage, check out our introductory video series