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Creating A Business Plan with Samepage

October 15, 2015

Creating A Business Plan with Samepage

Creating a business plan is a long and involved process. You need to collect all of the information you need to run your business in one place, and you have to make sure that the plan will stand up to the scrutiny of investors and maybe even your local bank.

Jane is working on a business plan with her business partners. She needed an intuitive tool that allowed her to be productive at home, in the office, and on the go.  

The first step is to lay out all of the activities of the business. An easy way to do this is the business model canvas, but it doesn't allow her to collaborate with others. Instead, Jane recreated the canvas in Samepage so it's easy for her team members to collaborate on the shape of the business.

Once the canvas is done, it's time to start digging into more specific aspects of the business.  This is a big job, and each team member has an area to which they can make contributions . To break this down, we created tasks and assigned each task to a specific team member. Tasks help us keep the project on track, but they also make great discussion points. Samepage's comment feature lets us have discussions about specific tasks, and the whole team can participate.

Next up is gathering all of the information into a pitch deck to share with investors. This document is going to be a living document, with constant changes as we perfect our pitch. Samepage's file management and desktop app make sure we always have the right version to send to investors.

Launching a business is hard. It takes constant work, and a ton of collaborative effort. For our team, Samepage helps take the pain out of collaborating. You can try this powerful document collaboration tool for free, and jump start your collaboration.