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Create a Sub-Team – Pro-Only Feature

June 23, 2016

Create a Sub-Team – Pro-Only Feature

Happy day, sub-teams are here! This Pro-only feature enables all Team Owners - people with a little crown on top of their avatar - to create a sub-team.

A sub-team is a team within a team – it's ideal for when you want to collaborate with a specific set of people or on certain projects that may not involve the entire team. For example, if a few members from the marketing team work with an outside contractor, you can:

  • Create a sub-team
  • Remove any team members who aren't involved (or add new members who are)
  • Add external members (contractors, partners, or clients)
  • Set the sub-team to Open or Private

To create a sub-team, click the 3 little dots next to the team name and select "Create sub-team." Then you can fine-tune who belongs in the sub-team and get to work!