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Convert Legacy Pages, Lock a Page, Quote Text

October 31, 2016

Convert Legacy Pages, Lock a Page, Quote Text

Convert Legacy Pages

For any of you using the legacy version of Samepage, we've got great news – you can now convert legacy pages to Team Pages! This is a great tool to help you transition to the new Samepage with Teams and Team Pages.


Lock a Page

Wish you could lock a page to prevent further edits? Now, all Team Owners can! Admins can too, for pages located in the Everyone Team. Locking a page disables anyone from changing content on the page. You can still download files and use Page Chat.

To lock a page, click the 3-dot menu next to the page name and select Lock. You'll see the top of the page marked as locked, with a little lock icon.

Quote Text

With this handy little tool, you can quote any text on a page or chat conversation. It's a great way to collaborate with context!

Simply highlight any text you want to quote, then type your message. You'll see the quoted, linked text above your message.