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Communication Tool Checklist

May 03, 2017

Communication Tool Checklist

Is your team looking for a communication tool? Use this checklist to make sure that the tool checks out.

Real-time Chat

Yeah, duh. But beware of tools that claim to have chat when they actually have something that isn't real-time like messaging.

Video Chat

Sometimes it's best to talk face-to-face. Lots of chat tools have video chat, but a lot don't. Make sure whatever tool you choose has video capapbility. Also note if video capability is part of a more expensive plan.

Audio Chat

Let's face it. Sometimes you don't want to turn on the camera for those early morning video chats. Make sure there's an audio-only option for those times.

Granular Notification Settings

Not all notifications are created equal. You don't need to get notified for each new message. Check to see if the tool lets you specify which notifications you receive and which ones don't. Give bonus points for tools that have a Do Not Disturb setting, or schedule.


With hundreds of chat messages back-and-forth daily, it's not always easy to remember where something was said. Make sure the tool supports search so you can easily find conversations later.

Guest Access

Sometimes you need to work with people outside of your organization like vendors, consultants, and partners. Make sure your team chooses a tool that has guest access and lets you choose how much you share with guests.

Mobile Apps

In order for that new communication tool to really pay off it needs to work across all of the devices your team uses. Make sure there are native mobile aplpicaitons for both iOS and Android. That way your team can keep in touch even when you're not in the office.

Now you're ready to go and make sure the tools you're considering have the right features. If you want to read a quick comparison see our guide: Top Group Chat Apps for Businesses.