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College Faculty Collaboration Speeds Innovative Curriculum Delivery

September 18, 2014

College Faculty Collaboration Speeds Innovative Curriculum Delivery

When your mission is to arm creative individuals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in one of the fastest paced industries in the world — graphic and web design — you can’t afford to waste precious resources like time.

Shillington College, a global graphic and web design institute based in Sydney, Australia, prides itself on always delivering the most modern, current, up-to-date curriculum. Doing this meant the faculty had to revisit course creation and delivery. They wanted to make it more efficient and inclusive of all the bleeding-edge ideas from its faculty on three different continents. Shillington’s faculty are practicing communication arts professionals, who bring the real world into the classroom. A world with demanding clients and tight deadlines.

Enter Samepage. After a 12-month extensive review of various collaboration tools, Shillington chose Samepage for its ease-of-use, ability to keep the curriculum current and accessible by all faculty regardless of their location, the efficiencies that come from keeping context and content together (discussions and relevant documents are kept together), and creating a truly global collaborative environment.

“Samepage really fosters collaboration. Our teachers are based all over the world, but Samepage's features have helped us to feel more local, working together as a cohesive team." Anthony Wood, Director of Teaching

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