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Collaboration Tool Evaluation Checklist

October 18, 2016

Collaboration Tool Evaluation Checklist

Are you looking for a new collaboration tool for your team? We know that it's tough to wade through all of the different features. That's why we created this collaboration tool evaluation checklist. Use this handy checklist to make sure the tool has all of the features you're looking for.

Of if that's too much work - you can look at our head-to-head comparison with just about every popular collaboration tool, which is all filled out for you.

File sharing

You want to use a tool that already works with the files you have. Does the app work with:



Google Drive


Built-in file sharing

Version control


Each tool handles communication differently. Make sure each tool you're looking at covers the bases.

1 to 1 Chat

Team Chat

Video Chat

Voice Calls

Team Management

A great collaboration tool should be the home base for your team. Make sure the tool has the following:

Teams (create teams in app)

Team Owner/Admin

Internal Members

Guest Members

Project Management

A good collaboration tool should help you manage your work instead of adding more work. Make sure the tool has:



@ Mentions


Task assignment

Team Calendar

Progress tracking

Due date notifications

Task/Event Calendar Sync

Collaboration - Work Tools

The best collaboration tools don't only help you track tasks, they help you create great things with your team. Does the tool have:

Document creation

Document editing

Brainstorming Spaces

Meeting Tools

IT Stuff

Just because a tool is easy to use, doesn't mean it's enterprise ready. You'll need built-in security and IT features to make sure your precious data is safe


Single Sign On

Enterprise security

Permissions Management

Self-service system, no IT necessary

Device compatibility

Data Export

Service/Payment Model

How each tool charges is important to consider.