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Collaboration Software: All in One vs. Best of Breed

June 06, 2018

Collaboration Software: All in One vs. Best of Breed

Stop us if you've heard this before.

A team of co-workers recognizes they need to work together more efficiently. With the pitfalls of their current digital tools in mind, they set out to create or find a better way to work together.

Create or find - the choice sparks debate. Although the team agrees they need tools for communicating, sharing files, and managing tasks, they're divided on how to put them in place. Part of the team can't wait to start searching for the best "team chat tool", the best "file sharing app", etc. They're eager to assemble their own software suite. The other part of the team is afraid that 'franken-stacking' a new collection of popular apps is a recipe for recreating their current situation. Instead, they want a single comprehensive platform that requires little or no assembly, even if it means foregoing a little edge-case functionality.

Exploration replaces debate.

The 'best of breed' approach offers the path of least resistance. Slack emerges as the team chat tool almost instantly. It is popular and well-advertised. Good ol' Dropbox wins as a popular file sharing tool. Asana is the common choice on the task management front. With only ratings and reviews to go on, it's hard to choose otherwise, so free trials are started. Team members are invited, exploration begins, and the quest for an 'all in one' solution fades out.

Rumblings of dissatisfaction emerge.

Although the team managed to modernize their toolset, they still struggle with their original problem - efficiency. Their new workflow tends to silo information in the same way their old one did, leaving them with questions like "Did he send me that file in Slack, or is it in Dropbox? And where did I make my comment about updating it? Was it on the file, or in Asana?"

The 'best of breed' advocates give it one more shot. "Let's connect these apps with APIs" they say. "That'll solve our problems. Does anyone know how to write code?" Silence sparks a renewed interest in finding an 'all in one' solution.

Exploration replaces debate, again.

This time, the 'all-in-one' supporters explore platforms that don't specialize in a specific collaboration feature. Instead, these platforms specialize in blending a core set of collaboration features together.

The learning curve is more noticeable with these 'all in one' platforms, but the team also notices they're not wasting time managing multiple apps. The 'best of breed' supporters point out that these 'all in one' platforms are missing advanced features, but they admit those advanced features would rarely be used in day-to-day operations. The comparison of a one-time learning curve cost vs. the constant cost of maintaining multiple apps finally settles the debate. The team now focuses on finding the right 'all in one' solution.

The debate is over, but exploration continues.

Finding the right 'all in one' solution isn't easy. Many 'all in one' platforms are actually just a collection of acquisitions, all squeezed into one clunky, disjointed interface. A slow-going and painful exploration continues until the team finds Samepage.

We have a winner.

The differences between Samepage and the 'franken-stacks' are obvious. Samepage feels seamless. Intuitive built-in document management tools help the team manage conversations, files, and tasks in real time, all on the same screen, from any device. Organizational tools help the team group people together with project content to help keep unnecessary notifications to a minimum. Efficiency skyrockets.

Here at Samepage, we hear the story above quite often, but don't take our word for it. Hear it straight from teams who've experienced it.

Jun 01, 2018

It's an amazing collaboration tool for fast-paced teams! Team work is a breeze with Samepage!

"There is a lot to like about Samepage - right from the simplicity of the UI and ease of use to the robust capabilities. I was able to replace Slack, Asana, Box and a whole host of other applications that my team used with just Samepage!"

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Sandeep R.

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Computer Software Industry

51-200 employees

May 30, 2018

I have 2 distinct needs and it fills both of them really well

Really intuitive to administer, setup and use. Lot's of awesome features. Very easy for non-technical guests to access and use. I particularly like all the options for what I can add onto a page. Chat function has been critical to one of my projects and we haven't even done video conferencing yet but I can't wait.

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Keith Y.


Management Consulting

201-500 employees

May 24, 2018

What I like most about Samepage is the flexibility of its "teams" and "pages" structure.

After looking at a number of online collaboration and project management platforms, I was drawing the conclusion that there wasn't one that really met my nonprofit's needs. Then I discovered Samepage. What I like most about Samepage is the flexibility of its "teams" and "pages" structure. Many of the other platforms I tried seemed to impose their "project-focused" structure on us which isn't a good fit for us because not everything we do is a full-blown project. Much of what we need to do is make sure that all the right people have access to the right info and Samepage's page structure allows us to share files and tasks in an intuitive way. We haven't yet tested out some of the built-in communications features like team video chat, but we're looking forward to trying them. Customer support has been outstanding. I was offered a private tutorial and was invited to join a support team that has been very responsive to my questions.

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Roger D.

Founding Director

Nov 13, 2017

Brilliant, well thought out software. It's now hard to imagine working without it.

"Speed of communication. Context for every discussion. A single place for everyone to connect. It's like Slack, Google Drive and Skype on steroids."

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Toby W.


Sept 26, 2017

Awesome alternative to Slack

"Easy of use. Non-technical members of our nonprofit group have embraced it. Mobile application is very nice."

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Lisa A.

Director of Marketing

Non-Profit Organization Management

11-50 employees

June 12, 2017

The Best Collaboration Software I've Ever Used.

"It just makes working together with my team so much easier. We've abandoned email and Slack long ago - we get all of our communication and content sharing done in Samepage now. As a design agency, we also share our work with clients through Samepage and it makes progress on each project so much easier to see. It's perfect for the following: task lists, file sharing, meetings, internal & client communications, event coordination, human resources documentation. Great mobile app too."

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Jeff G.


Media Production

1-10 employees

Feb 14, 2017

Huge time-saver, so easy to use

My sisters & I found Samepage after trying a few other collaboration software/apps, each of which was frustrating in some way. We live in three different states, and have been taking turns helping our mother through cancer treatment. We need to share notes, calendar appointments, lists of key contacts, photos, links to articles, tasks, and instant chat. Samepage has been super easy to use, so self-explanatory, and so easy to access. It updates itself seamlessly, whether we are using a laptop or the iPhone app, and we are literally always on the same page together as we go through this dizzyingly complex treatment cycle. In addition to saving time, it's been a huge relief to have all this information in one place, easily accessible and easy to read. The organization of the app is perfect, the ability to snap a photo and upload it, or grab a link to an article and post it instantly has kept us all up to speed, and kept the record of past appointments handy, no matter where we are, without having to dig through emails, shared file folders or old texts. I am recommending it to all teams I work with as a freelancer, because it makes project collaboration so easy.

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Melissa A.


Public Relations and Communications

Feb 4, 2017

The Best Collaboration Tool Out There

"I tried many collaborations programs/apps for my team (i.e. Slack, HipChat, Ryver, Spaces, etc.) and none can come close to what Samepage could do. Amazing features, integration, user-friendliness, speedy support. This is exactly what I've been looking for for awhile now. I'm really glad I came across it."

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Ron G.


Dec 13, 2016

Samepage is Awesome

I have been using Samepage for years. I share documents with my internal team and my bookkeeper. This is so much better than dropbox. The built-in internal messaging saves time as notes can be attached to posted files and then sent to specific people or to everyone. It is like other software's on steroids. Also, they have a desktop and smartphone Apps as well. Organization is a breeze. It is a strong preference of mine to work with products that are well supported. The people at Samepage are wonderful. The most difficult part of using a new software is learning it. They make that easy as well. Love the people and the product!

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Eric A.


Computer & Network Security

1-10 employees

Dec 5, 2016

Great for church teams

The overall functionality of Samepage is smooth and intuitive. It works in similar fashion with Basecamp, Slack, and the like, but without being so click-heavy. Like all similar products, you can assign teams, but Samepage allows you to seamlessly float between teams.

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Drew C.


Are you preparing to update your team collaboration toolset? Here are 3 pieces of advice to keep in mind as you explore:

1. Avoid 'franken-stacking' wherever possible. We know there isn't an app out there that can do everything. There are plenty of apps that do one thing really well, but trying to string them together in the hopes of achieving a seamless workflow is usually more trouble than it's worth.

2. Avoid the 'all in one' tools from the bigger brands. They don't create their offerings with a single unified vision. They acquire small companies, each of whom had their own visions. Merging all this together is messy and not much better than trying to franken-stack it yourself.

3. But seriously, we didn't win a whole bunch of awards for nothing. Spare yourself the long and costly journey above and get on the same page with your team from the start. Cheers!