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Changes to the Top Bar

December 07, 2016

Changes to the Top Bar

If you're thinking the top bar on Samepage looks a little different today, you're right! We've made a few changes to help you navigate like a boss.

The organization picker, search option, and gear icon have all moved to the Main Nav menu. Now it's easier than ever to find what you need, because it's all on the left side of the app. For more information on using the Main Nav, check out the help article.

Here's a quick breakdown of what's moved:

  • Org Picker - your organization logo (and option select other orgs if you belong to more than one) is at the top of the Main Nav menu.
  • Search - is directly below the org logo. Clicking on the magnifying glass shows your recently viewed pages.
  • Settings (gear icon) - is at the bottom of the main nav. Click the gear to manage account settings and more.

And if you're on the desktop app, you'll see back and forward buttons at the top, so you can easily navigate through recently visited places.