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Changes to Admin Roles

April 13, 2016

Changes to Admin Roles

We're making changes to admin roles in Samepage, so you have more control over who can access and manage your organization. As of today, only Samepage Pro Admins will be able to enter Content Manager mode. The separate role of Content Manager will be discontinued. Samepage Pro organizations will also have access to a new User Manager admin role. 

So what does this mean for current Content Managers?

A user who is currently an Admin and Content Manager will remain an Admin, while a user who is a Content Manager only will become a regular member.

What's the reason for these changes?
Currently, entering Content Manager mode enables that person to override all page-level permissions, meaning they can access pages that were not shared with them. For this reason, and also to eliminate unnecessary complexity, we are removing the Content Manager role and capability from all Free accounts. 

What should you do? 

No action is necessary. For Samepage Pro users, we recommend you assign the Admin role to those who need full administrative capabilities, and assign the new User Manager role to those who need to manage users. 

For more information on assigning admin roles, please check out the Help Article.