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Boost Your Recruiting Business with Online Collaboration

July 09, 2015

Boost Your Recruiting Business with Online Collaboration

For a recruiter every day is an adventure.

Finding just the right candidate for an employer isn’t easy. And today, companies want to make good hires quickly putting all the pressure on the recruiter.

That puts recruiters in a constant race against time. They must operate efficiently and effectively. Every extra minute needed to make the match is a direct hit to their bottom line. Worse, delays hit the firm's credibility too.

In order to keep the screening and hiring processes moving forward, daily recruiters handle a dizzying array of people — clients, candidates, and team members. Indeed they must be constantly identifying and contacting (shall we say "recruiting"?) the right balance of new clients who need great employees and new candidates in search of the perfect employer. On a daily basis, recruiters are:

  • Filling jobs for current clients

  • Looking for new clients and new candidates

  • Seeking new business from referrals

  • Stepping up social media advertising and networking

  • Maintaining a database of candidate and client profiles

  • Updating Google docs with salary details

The flow of people, information, and tasks is endless. Rather than tear their hair out, smart recruiters turn to online collaboration tools.

Easing Communication to Make Matches Faster

Bob Brooks runs his own recruiting firm, Premier Recruiting. He prides himself on finding only the best candidates for his clients, and doing it faster than any other recruiter. He’s been recruiting technology professionals for many years and thrives on every day being different and unpredictable. His favorite moments are when he calls a candidate to say, “Congratulations! You got the job!”

But getting the job listing and then moving it to an accepted job offer requires the Premier Recruiting team to work together seamlessly. Bob uses a secure free online collaboration tool as the hub for managing his recruiting business. It allows the entire team to easily organize all their relevant information. He creates a page for each employer and a sub-page for each of their job searches. His team then shares those pages with hiring clients, who can update them with the most current information.

Each candidate also gets his or her own page where they add or upload a plethora of important information. The online file collaboration holds résumés, desired salary and job requirements, letters of recommendation, videos, and even work samples regardless of file format. It can also link to their files in Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox.

Keeping all their relevant files and on-going conversations on a central page creates the contextual collaboration they need to solve a client’s hiring needs faster than anyone else. So Bob wants to make it easy for companies and candidates to provide information and feedback with him and his team.

Which is why Bob is thrilled with free online collaboration mobile app. He and his team manage their searches on the go with whatever mobile device they use. Their clients and candidates love the mobile access, which lets them stay on top of the searches. Bob adds his comments in the online collaboration tool so his clients and candidates get notifications about any relevant day’s activities. He also updates the spreadsheets he's linked to a client's internal job search page with any new salary and benefit details he’ll need during offer negotiations.

Working collaboratively this way has also reduced the time team members need for email. Now, their email inbox is only filled with correspondence regarding new business, making it so much easier to manage their time and split their attention more efficiently. New business? Email. Current business? Their online collaboration tool news feed. What could be simpler!

Bob and his team work hard to make the perfect match for their clients. Using Samepage internally and externally keeps them organized so the match making continues.