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On-boarding a New Employee with Samepage

October 29, 2015

On-boarding a New Employee with Samepage

Remember your first day of work? Everything is new, there are mountains of paperwork to fill out, and meetings with your new team members to get up-and-running. Even after the first day, you'll have questions about how to do basic things like connecting to the printer,  filing an expense report, knowing which holidays  the office observes.

At other companies I've worked for, the on-boarding process can be painful. It usually involves making multiple accounts on different services for health care, HR info, and payroll. Once the papers are filled out you're unceremoniously thrown into the thick of it. And if you have questions about policies, you learn them ad-hoc from coworkers who don't always have the right answers. Fortunately, here at Samepage we practice what we preach, and from day 1, I was on the same page with our office manager, my boss and HR.

This is my employee page - it was set up before my first day. It has my employee file, PTO/sick day tracking, and other helpful links like the organizational chart and worldwide employee directory. Last month I had to fill out my first expense report. Instead of tracking down someone for a tutorial - there's a handy guide right on the page. If I need something, a quick search on Samepage can get me exactly what i need.

Because of Samepage's sharing feature, only people who need to have access can view my confidential info, so I know it's safe but easily accessible. I can also post questions on the page, such as asking my boss about upcoming performance reviews or time off requests.

Samepage is a great tool to keep everything you need on one page. If you want to  start streamlining your on-boarding process, sign up for a free account of our online collaboration tool and get started in minutes.