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Blaze Street's Cinco de Mayo Block Party!

April 30, 2015

Blaze Street's Cinco de Mayo Block Party!

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a that celebrates the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Around Cinco de Mayo, you'll probably notice the bar crowds get bigger, Mexican restaurants get a little more crowded and you see colorful Cinco de Mayo decorations on display everywhere. Even the margaritas somehow seem a tad tastier too.

One of the best ways to celebrate is to throw your own neighborhood block party and celebrate all things Mexican. To do it right, you’ve gotta have a plan — and plenty of volunteers!

Juanita, Cheryl, and Kim — three roommates — decide to get their neighborhood to put on a block party. Since they live on a short street that dead-ends at a local park, they figure this should be pretty easy to do. Especially since everybody knows everyone else on the block. And everyone’s always up for a good time. To make it easy to organize and plan, Juanita has set up a Samepage (she’s the mega-organized one) so everyone can get involved, see what’s happening, and remember what they volunteered to do.

Juanita put together a list of all their neighbors and their cell phones so everyone can stay in touch easy. She also let everyone know that Samepage has a mobile app so they can check their event’s Samepage wherever they are.

The roommates decided to divide and conquer – Juanita is taking care of the food and drinks, Cheryl is handling the logistics for set up, including decorating, tear down and clean up, and Kim is handling entertainment and games for adults and kids.

Juanita’s gathered all the recipes for different dishes, drinks, and desserts and put them on Samepage. Her volunteers will sign up and take on a dish, or recommend one of their own. Juanita wants to be sure there’s enough of a mix of food so everyone has something they can enjoy.

Cheryl’s worried about making sure there are enough tables and chairs and that Middleton Park is set up to make it easy to tear down and clean up. She’s created a layout plan and posted it on Samepage so her team knows where each section should be: drinks, food, the BBQ grill area, where the rest rooms are, where the dance floor/DJ area will be – and of course, the games! She’s also got her set-up/tear down schedule on there too.

Kim is working with her volunteers to have a good mix of music. One of her neighbors plays in a band, and he’s checking to see if they’d be willing to play for an hour or so at the party. Meanwhile, they’re putting together different play lists so they have something for everyone to listen and dance to. Their neighbors can even make music requests on Samepage, which is great!