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Automate your chats with webhooks

June 04, 2020

Automate your chats with webhooks

It's extremely convenient to have everything on the same page. Without having to switch context or having to remember all the application you have to check during the day to see what's new. You probably have specialized tools for billing, marketing campaigns, or product development. You may want to get notified of:

  • new sale
  • new support case
  • new pull request
  • the temperature increase in your server room
  • or a new lunch menu in your favorite restaurant ;-)

With new chat webhooks, this is extremely straightforward.

So far it was only possible with Zapier

If you ever wanted to integrate different apps you come across Zapier. But it comes at a cost. Cutting costs and getting rid of context switching between multiple tools/applications is why you choose Samepage. And Zapier is yet another application you need to manage and most importantly pay for. Until today.

Introducing Incoming Webhook

It is now super easy to set up and start receiving automated chat messages.

Page menu

Open the document for whose chat you want to receive the 3rd party messages. And under the Gear menu, you'll find Incoming webhook option.

Incoming Webhook dialog

In the dialog, you'll find a lot of options on how to customize your incoming message. Check out our Help Center to learn more.

Incoming Webhook message in chat

Enjoy and let us know via in-app Feedback about your most favorite integration you've done using the Samepage Incoming Webhooks.