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Are You the Mom in Charge of Valentine’s Day at School?

February 03, 2015

Are You the Mom in Charge of Valentine’s Day at School?

Remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? Heart-shaped cookies and candies? Cute Valentine cards your parents would help you pick out? You’d write out one for each student in your class — the slightly bigger heart-shaped card reserved for your crush. (Shh.) Didn't you love the mailbox we’d make out of paper bags to drop the cards in that we taped to each student’s desk? And what about the party in the afternoon with moms who’d made yummy cupcakes with little hearts on them helping out? What a lovely memory.

Are you the room mother in charge of Valentine’s Day for your son’s or daughter’s class this year? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Got it under control? No? Well, DON’T PANIC! There’s still time to pull off a sweet school Valentine’s Day celebration for your kid’s class.

You’ll need to organize a few things though…

  • Finalize the date, time, and attendees with a few people

  • Send invitations home

  • Schedule a room

  • Arrange for snacks (heart-shaped cookies, candy, popcorn, fruit & veggies), who’s bringing what?

  • Create and hang the decorations with the kids

  • Make Valentine’s Day favors with the kids (lollipops in shape of a heart, heart shaped pencils, erasers, super hero stickers)

  • Select the games and activities and assign leaders

  • Songs – which ones, who’s leading them

  • Assign the “official” photographer


Ingrid is in charge of her daughter, Emelia’s, third-grade class Valentine’s Day Party this year. She uses Samepage to run her home business (she makes and sells candles), so it was natural to use it to help her maintain her cool while project managing the event.

With Samepage she easily organized and shared all party communications, contact lists, logistics details on date/time and place, task lists, and spreadsheets with the teacher and parents – all in one online application. Ingrid is tracking tasks and due dates in Samepage as well, so no sticky notes all over her laptop or car as reminders and no more hunting people down.

The teacher and parents also have access to party planning details any time, anywhere with the Samepage mobile app. What could be easier?

(And did I mention, it’s free?) If you’re the class party planner this year, give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift – the gift of Samepage sanity!