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Adjustable Page Widths, Notification Marker, Browser Notifications

April 14, 2016

Adjustable Page Widths, Notification Marker, Browser Notifications

Adjustable Page Width

Team Pages now come in adjustable sizes! Choose from three page widths: Standard, Wide, or Widest. To change the page width, click the three little dots on the top right of the page and select the desired page width. Team Pages are responsive, so if you resize your window or change the page view, your page will automatically adjust to fit the screen. 

Off-Screen Notification Marker

Just so you don't miss anything important, we've added a little notification marker in the Main Navigation. You'll only see the marker if you scroll up or down the Main Nav and have any unread notifications that are off-screen.

Browser Notifications

If you haven't enabled browser notifications for Samepage, you may notice an orange bar at the top of your screen with the option to receive notifications from people/teams. To get notifications, simply click 'browser notifications.' Next time someone posts a comment, you'll see a little pop-up alerting you to the new message. If you don't want notifications, just click the 'X' and you'll never see the message again.