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Add Calendar Events, Upload New File Versions

November 23, 2016

Add Calendar Events, Upload New File Versions

Hi Samepagers! We've added a couple new improvements to help make work a little easier for you:

Add Events on Your Calendar

Create new events directly on your team calendar or My Calendar. That's right; you don't have to go a page to create a new event anymore!

Simply click "+ New Event" on your calendar to create a new event. If you're adding an event in My Calendar, you just need to select a team to associate with your event.

Upload New File Version

We've added the option for you to quickly upload a new file version. This is a convenient way to replace that old file you just updated.

You'll see this new feature by hovering over the 4-bubble menu next to your file. From the 3-dots, select "Upload New Version," then add your new file.