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Accessing Dropbox Through Samepage Draws Loyal Dropbox Crowd

April 30, 2014

Accessing Dropbox Through Samepage Draws Loyal Dropbox Crowd

I've worked with the guys at The Engine Room for a number of years, across multiple website and brand redesigns. We've always worked well together - they send me files, I send back edits/approvals, the cycle starts again. Once Dropbox launched and The Engine Room started using it, it certainly helped with file management. I wasn't storing all the files locally, they could manage which revisions I had access to, it worked.

Then came Samepage. It changed the way I work, and I wanted The Engine Room to get on it. So many times we'd be sending emails back-and-forth with revisions at a rapid-fire pace, and things got missed. We were kicking off a big project (have you seen the new Kerio website? It's awesome, design courtesy of these guys!), and it was the perfect opportunity to get them on it. "But all our files are on Dropbox, we can't move them all over," objected Dave Braden, Partner at The Engine Room. And I must say, I don't blame him. I know how many files they've sent me over the years - it would take forever to move them all.

>Just as we finished the new Kerio website, we launched Dropbox integration. I pinged Dave and Doug to share the news, and almost immediately we were out of email and in Samepage collaborating. "Our files stay on Dropbox, but now we can easily track Elise's feedback on designs without digging through old emails. On top of that, we can manage our tasks on bigger projects and easily give customers insight into the status of our projects," said Doug Ridgway, Creative Director at The Engine Room.

Samepage and Dropbox integration changed the mind of these loyal users. As Samepage introduces additional integrations, you can be sure it will be the way everyone works together. Better.