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7 tips on how to survive home office

March 16, 2020

7 tips on how to survive home office

... and be an active part of the team.

Working from home can be challenging. There are a lot of distractions from work that you would ordinarily do when you arrive home from work - like laundry. Keep in mind that not blending your free and work time together is crucial; otherwise, you will lose balance and will either work too much or not work hard enough.

1. Maintain a standard work schedule

Nobody likes to wake up early in the morning. But when you need to catch a bus or check into the office at the exact time, it helps you to keep your day balanced between work and free time. Time tracking software will make it easier for you. When you work from home, you should follow the same routine. It will allow you to maintain a healthy life-work balance. Luckily you will be able to sleep more without need to commute every day.

2. Don't stay in your pajamas

Get dressed, make yourself feel like you are actually in the office. Wearing tie and suit to the office every day? Suit up! Dressing up will help you keep your work routine. It will nicely separate your work and free time. And will keep you focused.

3. Create a dedicated working space

Reserve part of your flat or house for your work. Don't blend your personal space with the working area, really work to keep them separate. When you bring in your mail, put it someplace else, not on your work desk. Don't have a spare room to work from? No problem. Just use the end of your dining table or set up a folding table anywhere in your home to keep focused on your work. Let your family know this is your office now. If you are sitting there, then you are working.

4. Stay in touch with your coworkers

Do you usually meet with your team every morning at brunch to get synced and warmed up? Keep that routine. Have a video conference and talk about stuff. Samepage will help you keep in touch with your team all the time. Enjoy unlimited video calling and chat messaging.

5. Share a collaborative space with your coworkers.

Get things done might get harder when you are not in touch with your coworkers. Need to share a document or to gather others' thoughts? Create a new page on Samepage and notify others to give you instant feedback. Need to discuss something? Just give your coworker a call.

6. Plan and take breaks

Typically, when working in an office with a team, there are occasional chit chats, or you just go for a walk to grab lunch or snack. Those short breaks are necessary. You may not remember to do that at home. Especially when working in quarantine, it is easy to see hours go by. That's not healthy. So plan such breaks. Set a timer on your mobile phone. Be sure to take at least a 5-minute break every hour.

7. Use your extra commute time to focus on your health

Working from home can be more stressful for many people. Stress can cause illnesses. It is, therefore, essential to take care of yourself in difficult times. It's easy in a WFH situation to neglect health and exercise. Plan your meals carefully, and try to avoid snacking between meals. Make sure to get some exercise, even if it's just taking a 30-minute walk around your block. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, so use the time you would otherwise be commuting to get in 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise. You will feel better, and may even lose a bit of weight!