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/kəˌlabəˈrāSH(ə)n/ · /ap/ · /ōvərˈlōd/


1. A debilitating condition usually caused by using multiple apps to communicate, share files, manage tasks, and otherwise collaborate with one's own team.

"collaboration app overload was slowing the team down and putting them in a bad mood"

synonyms: app hopping disorder, multi-app workflow disease, API integration addiction, collaboration blindness, asset silo syndrome


Most of us have been exposed to this condition at some point. It is highly contagious and spreads quickly. Emails 1 and chat messages 2 often spread links to file sharing 3 and task list 4 apps. Then invitations pop up in calendars 5 for a video conference call 6 about getting everyone on the same page. Six apps? These people need help.

That's why we're here.


It's the only cure that works, and it's yours to try for free. Once you're in, invite as many co-workers as you like and get to work. Samepage is easy to learn and flexible enough to handle all kinds of team projects in a variety of project management styles.


It starts with recoginizing the problem. Too many apps equals too many places for content and conversations to hide. Samepage consolidates your workflows, collaboration tools, and co-workers in a single real-time online workspace.


First, we blend multiple collaboration tools together on a single screen. That means communication tools, tasks, files, presentations, shared calendars,


Second, we make it easy to work with your co-workers online in real time. When you're making progress on a document, spreadsheet, file - pretty much anything -


Third, we make it easy to collaborate with your team on any device. For the office, use our Samepage Desktop App or any web browser. For the road, use our mobile app to

Group Video ChatSamepage Video ChatFile Chat CommentFile Chat Reply
video call controls


Gather co-workers together with project content and conversations. Each team you create has it's own collection of people, files, tasks, calendar events, pages, and of course, conversations.


The ultimate collaboration space. Use pages to co-author content, run meetings, and manage projects with the team in real time. Share text, tasks, files... virtually any multi-media content.


Conversations can take place anywhere in Samepage. Chat one-on-one or in groups via text, audio, and video. Attach comments to specific page content to keep conversations organized.


Share, organize, protect, and synchronize files in Teams. Store them in Samepage or bring them in from other popular file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.


Projects run smoother when everyone is looking at the same task list. Assign tasks to individuals or groups with deadlines, recurrence, and reminders. Update the team with visual progress indicators.


Keep important events and task deadlines in calendar view for each team. Get an overview of all calendar events important to you in your own personal rollup calendar.



Winner of the Best Project Management Software Award from Capterra

"I highly recommend Samepage! It is easy to navigate and has multiple features that are useful in organizing my webinar handouts/presentations."

Winner of the Best Value Award from Capterra

"Our team could not live without it. I wish I would have found this sooner. It has been extremely valuable in sharing information in one place with our team."

Winner of the Best Support Award from Capterra

"The customer support is over the top amazing. Really friendly and supportive staff. My team and I love everything about Samepage. It has increases our efficiency and organization level 10x."


Pages are the perfect place to plan your next project, take meeting notes, share files, co-edit spreadsheets, and more. Team leaders can set goals, define deliverables, and assign standard or recurring tasks with subtasks, participants, and reminder notifications. Nobody misses a beat. No details fall through the cracks between apps.

For microprojects and more freestyle project management, each team is also equipped with a group chat space, but no matter the size of the project, the team's shared calendar keeps the plan in plain sight.

Plan Project Meetings
Share Project Calendars
Chat About Project Details and Progress
Mobile Project Collaboration


Keep project resources and notifications organized within teams so you can easily review progress on your more important projects first.

Work side-by-side in real time with co-workers, contractors, and clients on pages built to handle everything from text and tasks to files, videos, and diagrams.

Chat with your team via text or video on pages and group chats or in a more private one-on-one setting. Save messages for later or quickly react with emojis.


If you like the big-picture view, keep the 'percentage complete' indicators on your team task lists in view.

Or dive down into the details. Watch content and conversations evolve on a page in unison, where everyone's keystrokes, clicks, and taps are shown in real time & tracked in history.

Plus, Samepage handles synchronized files, diagrams, spreadsheets, rich text, syntax-highlighted code, and more, so you can track time, communications, and co-authored content all in one place.

Task Lists
Track Time and Change History
Project File Synchronization


Take a few minutes to see just how easy teamwork can be. Whether your team is big, small, local, global, or spread across multiple organizations, this video will show you how Samepage helps you get more done through the web, desktop, or mobile apps.

Connect your mobile team with our apps for iOS and Android. For the office, coffee shop, and home, download our desktop apps for Mac and Windows or simply hop on from any web browser.



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