Team Messaging & Collaboration

Home page outline
April 26, 5:00 PM
Keyword list
April 27, 5:00 PM
Home page text
April 28, 5:00 PM
Jim Ringham
9:45 AM
Hi team, I've completed the home page outline.
Helena Chen
9:47 AM
Jim Ringham, thanks for the update! Elvis Lieban and I have begun working on the home page text. About 25% complete.
Matt Lovato
9:50 AM
Helena Chen, I'm still working on the keyword list but you can begin using my list in progress.
Jim Ringham
9:59 AM
Content is looking great everyone! Let's have a quick video call.
Jim Ringham
9:59 AM
I started a Google+ Hangouts video call for us. Click here to join.

Bringing Teamwork to Life

Work doesn’t have to be so hard. With Samepage, you can put all your project information on one page and collaborate with your team in real time. Imagine how much faster work moves when you communicate instantly and see work progress as it happens.

No more of this still-waiting-for-a-response or other project bottleneck nonsense. Just you and your team, getting down to business.

Let’s work together, better.

Collaboration App on a phone

Marketing Meeting Notes


-Social calendar updates due by Friday


-Report on remarketing across devices

Simplify the Way You Work

Stop with the app switching and file searching. Samepage brings together an entire suite of project management tools, awesome communication features, and built-in integration with the apps you use. Everything you need to move projects forward, without leaving Samepage.

Your all-in-one collaboration solution is finally here.

More Than Task and Project Management

Don't just manage projects - own them like the rockstar you are. Build your team, create a shared calendar, and map out project milestones on a fully customizable page. View outstanding tasks by teammate, so you know what's on their plate and can delegate accordingly.

Samepage helps you do more than track projects - we're empowering you to work smarter.

Get the Conversation Going

Why resort to boring, inefficient emails when you can collaborate in real time? Engage your team and communicate live with Samepage Chat. Video call global teams through our seamless Google Hangouts integration. Or comment directly on a page and keep an audit trail of project activity.

Communicate the way that best works for you and your team, and get everyone on the same page.

Get a live demo

We're always here to help, and we love talking about how flexible Samepage is. Take a few minutes to get a live, customized demo so we can show you how Samepage can meet your collaboration and project management needs. In the meantime, get a quick preview with our video.


All Your Files on One Page

Go ahead - upload and share any kind of file on Samepage. Make a few or a lot of edits. Updated files sync automatically, so everyone gets the latest version across all devices.

Already storing documents on Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive? No problem. You can attach cloud files directly to a page for quick and easy access. There's no need to migrate files because your content is right where you need it.

Productivity on the Go

Build your team and get projects started, wherever you are. The Samepage mobile app keeps you connected with your team, files, and everything that's happening in your organization. Chat with your team, edit cloud files, and assign tasks as if you were sitting at your desk.

No one has to know you're lounging by the pool. It'll be our little secret.

Unlimited Team Communication

Chat with teams or 1-on-1

Samepage keeps you current on conversations as they happen across multiple teams. From your desktop to your mobile and anywhere in between, you'll know what's up.

Choose how you want to stay in the loop. Get an email summary of new chat messages, opt for push notifications on your mobile, or just look for those little red bubbles in the app.

Samepage Team Chat

Message Anyone

Communication is key to collaboration, so we're giving you unlimited messages, free. Chat with anyone you want, no matter if they're internal members in your org or people you collaborate with externally.

Easily link to pages or people with @mentions. It's a great way to navigate through all of your team's latest progress.

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