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Samepage keeps your business teams – employees, consultants, customers, partners, vendors – working smoothly and efficiently. It’s online team collaboration made simple. Combine files, photos, cloud content, maps, videos and team conversation together on one page. Share the page with anyone you choose. Everyone is in the loop – without email overload.

Lauren Jones
Lucy, can you upload the final design files once they're ready?
Lucy Smith
All set! Let me know if you need anything else.

Collaborate with comments

Samepage keeps you up to date and in sync with your team. Get the latest updates in your newsfeed. Tracked comments keep the conversation (feedback, requests and approvals) out in the open. When teams have access to all the information and tools they need, they get more done.

With Samepage, there are no more excuses. Just successes.

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Samepage is secure

Samepage helps you keep your business content secure with full administrative control over users, access, and sharing rights.

We also take great care in protecting your data against online security threats. Learn about our excellent rating from Qualys SSL LABS in our Data Security Overview.

All-in-one collaboration app

Near or far, keep things moving and under control with our free and fully-capable Samepage mobile app. Schedule a team meeting, review an updated file or chime in with your two cents on an urgent matter. On your laptop, tablet or smartphone – and all from the comfort of your taxi, hotel room or poolside cabana.

Your files. Your team. Synchronized.

This isn't your grandma's file sharing platform. Samepage synchronizes your online files to your desktop. Updated files are synced across the team's devices automatically, and a complete history of revisions is always tucked away online.

Already storing your files with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive? No problem - that doesn't mean you'll miss out on the power of the page. You can include those files on your page without moving 'em one bit.

Yeah, Samepage is smart like that.

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